Protect your property from calcification.

Why choose CALC-TECH?

  1. Does not change the water quality, important minerals are preserved, your health is not affected.
  2. Reduces tough calcium deposits.
  3. Can be installed on any piping system.
  4. No need for water softeners.
  5. No environmental impact.
  6. Protection of your washing machine, dishwasher and sanitary facilities.
  7. No maintenance.

What is it suitable for?

  • Residences 
  • Car Washes
  • Industry
  • Bakeries
  • Osmotic applications
  • Hotels
  • Purification plants
  • And many other applications

How does CALC-TECH work?

Physical water treatment

Unlike in chemical water treatment, water is not softened, no minerals are being removed, no chemicals are added, and quality and hardness remain unchanged. In untreated water, calcium carbonate molecules combine during crystallization to larger, needle-shaped, highly adhesive entities.

Treatment with CALC-TECH prevents combination of the crystals them- selves. Calcium carbonate crystallizes in its original size (<10 μm); no more needle-like structures are formed. The crystals no longer adhere to surfaces, pipes, heating coils, etc. The microscopic particles remain as a valuable component in the water. This state is stable for about 3 days, then the intensity decreases and adhesion again increases.

Existing calcium deposits have a porous surface and fine cracks, which, due to water treatment with CALC-TECH can no longer close. Water passing by increases the size of the cracks, and consequently, adhesion of the calcium deposit decreases. Vibrations and thermal changes dissolve the calcium deposit in small pieces (size of a grain of sand) which are rinsed off with water.

Water velocity varies in different piping systems.

Investigations in our laboratory have shown that the efficiency of physical water treatment systems strongly depends on the velocity of the water and the direction of flow. Through constant studies and experiments, our engineers turned this knowledge into the physical water treatment system CALC-TECH and made it a powerful water treatment system that is suitable for almost every application.

CALC-TECH electronics is equipped with two generators, a main generator for generating pulses and a VCO that varies the pulse width in such a manner that there is an appropriate pulse sequence at any given water velocity. By adjusting the settings on the front panel, CALC-TECH can adapt perfectly to individual installation and water conditions.

The pulses of the main generator together with the electromagnetic coils generate an alternating magnetic field, thereby rendering CALC-TECH effective, independent of the flow direction. The VCO varies the initial pulses, thereby preventing combination of calcium carbonate crystals even at different water velocities, and assuring optimal treatment at any given time.


Installation of CALC-TECH

For optimal protection of your entire system, CALC-TECH should be installed at the main water pipe, right behind the water meter. In very rare cases, a second instrument may be necessary (if it cannot be ascertained that water is exchanged within two days, e.g. large boiler).


comes with a CCA certificate, and thus may be used safely in all European countries and many more without additional authorization.


comes with an interference radiation certificate for for radio and TV.


is tested for performance by the State Inspectorate of the Austrian Gas and Water Association.


is patent-protected, European Patent number EP 0460248.

Protect the environment

By using CALC-TECH electronic, the environmentally friendly system, you deliberately avoid irresponsible pollution of rivers and other bodies of water. Water is much too precious to flush it down the sewer without meaningful use.

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